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Stroud Calling ft. Ruth Royall | Stroud Jazz Festival

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Stroud Calling ft. Ruth Royall at The Marshall Rooms.

Stroud Calling - Stroud Calling will be blending their unique Stroud sound with Jazz infused beats and Rhythms to get you in the mood for our late night show with Ruth Royall - Hailing from Stroud, Ruth grew up in a creative environment and this has embedded a deep musicality in her; she was writing music before she knew how, and the music that she was creating came from her core.

After years of experimenting with her sound and performing as a jazz singer on the UK and Berlin circuits, Ruth's current style materialised. Layered with the electronic influences she has picked up from her Bristol heritage,
her sound is a hybrid of old and new and very exciting. We welcome her to the Marshall Rooms for Saturday night of Jazz Stroud 2018

Later Event: June 1